Climbing instructors

Climbing instructor – Whether you are a fully qualified climbing instructor or looking for a climbing instructor course to become qualified, we can accommodate you. For those looking to become qualified, we run the Climbing Wall Award and for those who are already qualified, we offer a discounted entrance for the group you are instructing.

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  1. Climbing Instructor Training

    Climbing Instructor Training


    Climbing instructor training - The Climbing Wall Award is the first rung on the ladder to becoming a climbing instructor. If you want to take your school, youth group or even volunteer for a charity as a climbing instructor the CWA is where you need to start. With it you'll be able to lead and instruct groups at any indoor climbing centre in the UK.

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  2. Coaching Award Scheme

    Coaching scheme


    The Coaching Award Scheme is designed to help people with an interest in coaching others to develop their climbing skills. It is designed around coaching at indoor walls, sport climbing and bouldering. The scheme should also be of great interest and value for volunteers and professional instructors who want to apply a greater coaching knowledge wherever they work.

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  3. External Climbing Instructor

    External climbing instructor


    External climbing instructors are able to register to bring groups into the climbing centre under their own supervision.

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